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Getting Started with Ditch Assist

Ditch Assist Required Components

Ditch Assist Control Module
The Control Module is the central nexus of the Ditch Assist system, linking all components together. It not only powers the GPS receiver but also gathers and processes incoming GPS messages. Additionally, it facilitates wireless transmission and reception of information to and from the Ditch Assist Android app. Furthermore, it smartly manages the proportional valve for automated control when the valve is in use. 
The Control Module is designed with an environmentally sealed casing rated IP67, ensuring its robustness in a wide range of operating temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. It is compatible with both 12V and 24V systems, and operates efficiently across a voltage range of 9V to 32V.
This module supports communications via CAN bus and RS232 protocols, and also features Wi-Fi wireless capability, adding an extra layer of connectivity and ease of use.
Ditch Assist Main Harness
This crucial component comes with a detachable power harness, providing the convenience of permanent installation or the flexibility to install multiple power harnesses on various tractors as needed. It interfaces seamlessly with the Control Module, coordinating with both the GPS and the proportional valve. In addition, it includes a connector specifically designed for a GPS breakout, permitting the connection of brand-specific GPS cables.
GPS Breakout Harness
Harness tailored to your specific brand enables seamless connection and power supply to your GPS receiver. We provide GPS harnesses compatible with most widely-used agricultural GPS receivers and Emlid, ensuring a broad range of compatibility. In addition, we offer a DB9 cable to interface with numerous other devices using manufacturer-specific breakout harnesses. These harnesses include a DB9 connector designed to relay GPS messages to third-party devices.
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Hydraulic Valve (included in full automation kit)
For automated hydraulic control, a PWM hydraulic valve is essential. The official valves provided with Ditch Assist are custom-assembled exclusively for use with our system. Only valves offered by our authorized dealers should be used. Please note that no support or warranty will be extended if alternative valves are utilized.
Note that exact valve model and configuration may vary depending on geographic location and your equipment.
Our proportional valve comes standard with hydraulic couplings and hoses to facilitate connection of your implement’s up/down hydraulic hoses to the valve, and subsequently, the valve to the tractor remotes. Valves can be adjusted to either open or closed center configurations, enhancing their adaptability to various system requirements.
Valve Bypass Kit
The valve bypass kit lets you integrate two extra lines into the tractor’s remotes, giving you the ability to circumvent the valve when necessary. This function can prove beneficial when there’s a need for exclusively manual control, or for swiftly switching to manual control without resorting to the manual raise/lower buttons on the application interface. Consequently, there’s no need to disconnect the valve.
Ditch Assist App
The Ditch Assist App, a vital component of the system, provides an intuitive user-interface for system operation. This Android application can be easily downloaded for free from the Play Store, by simply searching for “Ditch Assist”. Updates to the app are regularly published on the Play Store, facilitating seamless installation.
For your convenience, we also provide access to the current version of the app, as well as legacy and current beta versions, on the App Releases page of the Ditch Assist website. You can visit https://www.ditchassist.com/app-releases/  to access these versions.
GNSS (GPS) Antenna
Ditch Assist is compatible with a wide range of popular GNSS equipment, giving you the flexibility to integrate it with your existing technology. Alternatively, you may have acquired Ditch Assist bundled with a compatible GNSS system from your dealer. The GNSS antenna, which is mounted on the implement being controlled, delivers necessary NMEA position messages to the Ditch Assist Control Module. This process ensures precise operation and coordination within your system.
Android Tablet
The Ditch Assist App is specifically designed to operate on 10″ Android tablets that have a recent version of the Android operating system. While it’s possible to run the app on phones and smaller tablets, you may encounter issues with resizing, layout, possible crashes, and missing features. Thus, we strongly recommend using a 10″ or larger screen tablet from a recognized manufacturer. Some budget-friendly units available in the market may compromise on the quality of components like Wi-Fi transmitters and available memory resources, potentially leading to sub-optimal performance.
Our current tablet recommendation is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.
While the app is functional on other devices and various screen resolutions, the layout may not align as intended. Buttons and info windows might not appear in their designated locations on the screen, affecting the user experience.