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Maximize Equipment. Minimize Costs. Master Your Projects.

Ditch Assist Automation Kit

Ditch Assist replaces complex, restrictive setups with unmatched adaptability. Installs easily on any tractor or implement, and switch between them in minutes not hours. Our precision valve eliminates compatibility worries, saving you money and outperforming the competition.

Ditch Assist Automated Machine Control

Ditch Assist: Your All-in-One Drainage and Landforming System

Stay on Grade with Ditch Assist and Ditch Assist X

Master any project – from surface drainage, to precision leveling and grading, or even complex 3D designs. Ditch Assist delivers the functionality and adaptability you need. Expand your capabilities even further with Ditch Assist X for advanced excavator and backhoe guidance.

Ditch Assist Automated Machine Control

Ideal Drainage Mapping™ for Ditch Assist Owners

Ideal Drainage Mapping Available Exclusively to Ditch Assist Owners

Know here to go when creating field drainage: We’ve mapped surface drainage routes (we call it Ideal Drainage Mapping) for millions of acres across Canada and the US, with more on the way. Ditch Assist owners get free access to this data and can use this data to plan and execute drainage projects faster.

Ditch Assist Automated Machine Control

Load Any Map or Aerial Image as an Guidance Layer

Ideal Drainage Mapping available exclusively to Ditch Assist owners

Have a drainage map, drone image, or even a hand drawn drainage plan? If you can screenshot it, you can quickly and easily georeference it with our free tool and load it as a visual guidance layer in the Ditch Assist App. No other system allows you to import any image as a map layer.

Ditch Assist Automated Machine Control

See How Ditch Assist Works: Try the App Simulator

Your Ditch Assist test drive starts here: Experience the power of precision drainage firsthand before you buy with our interactive app simulation with detailed feature explanations. Feel confident using the system, and prepare for success in the field.

Ditch Assist Automated Machine Control

Unmatched Precision. Unbeatable Value. Plus, Functions & Tools You Won't Find Elsewhere

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The Smart Choice in Machine Control: Performance and Affordability.

Ditch Assist transforms your earthworks with precision control. From surface drainage to land leveling, landforming, and simple tile drainage, it’s your all-in-one solution. Compatible with any tractor, implement, and RTK GPS brand, Ditch Assist maximizes your existing equipment and delivers exceptional results.

Advantages of Ditch Assist

Ditch Expensive Displays thanks to the Ditch Assist Android App

Ditch Assist simplifies everything. Forget expensive displays, complex software updates, and restrictive systems. Our app runs on a standard Android 10″ tablet, offering intuitive controls and hassle-free updates for unmatched convenience.

Precision Shouldn't Limit You to One Tractor

Ditch Assist delivers precision and unparalleled flexibility. Experience the control of an integrated system on any tractor with our custom-designed proportional valve. Outsmart the competition with a system that moves effortlessly between all your machines.

Your Vision, Your Drainage: Ditch Assist Customization

Perfect drainage starts with you. Ditch Assist offers unmatched design customization options for ditches, tiles, and planes using our exclusive Slope-IQ technology. Import your own landforming designs for total precision control for land leveling projects.

The Story of Ditch Assist

How can we make Ditch Assist work for you?

Want to find out more about Ditch Assist and how it could fit within your operation? Request a no obligation consultation with one of our knowledgeable dealers today.

Ditch Assist is Designed and Built in Canada, used and trusted globally

Universal Machine Control


Any Tractor

Any Age

Any Make or Model

No need for CAN or ISO


Any Implement



Blades and Levelers



Use existing RTK

Purchase a low cost RTK

Any brand works


Any Project

Create Surface Drains

Land Leveling

Install Tile Drainage

Utilizing Slope-IQ for Optimized Drains

Ditch Assist serves as a standalone tool to survey, design, and construct drainage ditches, planes, or tile installations. Using the Slope-IQ design engine, set your minimum grade after driving the proposed route in Survey Mode. Slope-IQ calculates a best-fit solution that aligns with the natural landscape whenever possible, and adheres to your specified minimum grade when needed.

Ditch Assist GPS GNSS Compatibility

Here are some of the most popular and most common GPS systems that Ditch Assist owners are using with Ditch Assist and Ditch Assist X. Please remember that we recommend the use of RTK corrections for all tasks using Ditch Assist or Ditch Assist X.

Does Ditch Assist work with Emlid Reach RS2 and RS3 GNSS Receivers

Yes! Ditch Assist works with Emlid Reach RS2 and RS3 RTK GNSS Receivers. In fact, we now offer Emlid RS3 RTK as an option with Ditch Assist and Ditch Assist X. If you purchase an Emlid RS3 kit with Ditch Assist or Ditch Assist X it will arrive pre-configured. If you need to configure your Emlid RS2 or RS3 to work with Ditch Assist via the Emlid Flow app, please click this link for a detailed video.

Does Ditch Assist work with John Deere StarFire™ Receivers

Yes! Ditch Assist works with John Deere StarFire™ Receivers. You will need to program your StarFire™ receiver while it is connected to the tractor CANBus, but once programmed, it will work standalone with Ditch Assist and Ditch Assist X. This video explains how to configure your receiver:

Does Ditch Assist work with Trimble NAV Controllers?

Yes! Ditch Assist works with Trimble NAV 2 and NAV 3 Controllers. If you have a Trimble AutoPilot with a NAV controller, you’ll need to connect the Ditch Assist DB9 GPS cable to the DB9 (9-pin serial) connector on the NAV controller harness. You’ll also need to configure the GPS message output. This video explains how to configure your NAV 2 or NAV 3 with some of the common displays:

Does Ditch Assist work with Trimble 372 Receivers?

Yes! Ditch Assist works with Trimble 372 Receivers. Trimble 372 receivers may also be labeled as Case IH 372 or New Holland – they are all the same! You’ll need to configure (usually) port A and/or C to output NMEA at 38,400 baud, and turn ON GGA and VTG messages. We don’t have a great video yet showing how to configure, but it is usually done via RDI on a Pro 700 display, or via Ag Remote on Trimble Displays. One of our experienced Ditch Assist Dealers will be able to help you out if needed. Once configured, simply plug in the Ditch Assist Trimble GPS cable to (usually) Port A and Ditch Assist will power and receive GPS data from the 372.

Does Ditch Assist work with Outback GPS?

Yes! Ditch Assist works with Outback GPS Receivers. Most Outback GPS smart antennas, including models like the A-631 and similar, as well as the older A-320 receivers, are compatible with Ditch Assist. 

For Outback displays that are not equipped with a smart antenna, you’ll generally need our generic DB9 serial GPS cable. This cable connects to the serial port on the Outback display. Setting up these systems requires enabling the NMEA messages and settings. This process is usually carried out via the display interface.

We have several dealers that are also Outback dealers, and recommend you work with one of them to make sure you get your system configured correctly.

What can you do with Ditch Assist?


Drive the proposed route with your tractor and implement to survey the existing terrain profile using RTK GPS


Use Slope-IQ to design a best-fit solution that maximizes efficiency and maintains your minimum grade

Start Work

Implement your best-fit design automatically using Ditch Assist to control the implement hydraulics

 NEW: Slope-IQ Design Customizer

Unmatched Drainage Design Control – Your Way. We listened. Now, Slope-IQ offers full customization abilities for surface drainage ditches and subsurface tile runs. Alter ditch profiles, fill low areas, adjust slopes, change outlet elevations, and more as needed. This industry-first feature gives you complete control over your projects and, like all Ditch Assist updates, comes at no additional cost to our existing users.


See Ditch Assist In Action Around The World

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Ditch Assist delivers the advanced drainage control you need at an unexpectedly affordable price. Get your personalized quote today and discover how cost-effective precision can be.


Ditch Assist offers professional-grade land leveling at a fraction of the cost. Featuring compatibility with advanced best-fit 3D land forming designs from OptiSurface, TopCon AgForm3D, and Ezigrade, along with the support of our expert dealer network. Upload your design into the Ditch Assist App, calibrate with our intuitive tool, and execute even complex formations with unmatched precision. Ditch Assist’s advanced algorithms outperform those of expensive systems, ensuring your design specifications are met flawlessly.

Flat Area Creation:

  • Set gradient to Zero OR Specify target elevation
  • Start operation

Grading Single/Multi-Slope Plane:

  • Survey center of target area
  • Use Slope-IQ (like designing drainage)

Ditch Assist’s Automatic Extension:

  • Auto-extends design 90° from survey path
  • Forms effective plane

Simple Land Leveling with Ditch Assist

Ditch Assist is the ultimate tool for versatile land leveling, whether you need precision designs or flexible on-the-go grading.

For smaller fields, construction projects, and flood irrigation, simply set the gradient to zero for a flat surface, or specify a target elevation and start working.

To grade single or multi-slope planes, conduct a survey along the center of the grading area and use Slope-IQ, similar to our drainage design tool. Ditch Assist will then automatically expand your design outward at 90-degree angles from your survey path, creating a perfect plane during operation.


What type of GPS do I need for Ditch Assist?

For optimal performance with Ditch Assist, it is highly recommended to use an RTK-accurate GPS system. RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) GPS provides centimeter-level accuracy, which is crucial for precision in tasks such as surface drainage, land leveling, and land forming that Ditch Assist is designed to perform. The precision offered by RTK GPS ensures that the adjustments made by Ditch Assist in controlling the implement are based on the most accurate positioning data available.

While Ditch Assist is compatible with any brand of GPS, and some users may find satisfactory results with non-RTK systems like John Deere SF2, SF3, Trimble RTX, or Outback/Hemisphere Atlas (PPP corrections), these systems do not offer the same level of accuracy as RTK. Therefore, for the best results and to fully leverage the capabilities of Ditch Assist, an RTK GPS system is strongly advised.

Regarding GPS settings for Ditch Assist, the required baud rate is 38,400, and it is necessary to ensure that the GGA and VTG NMEA messages are turned on at a 5Hz or 10Hz message rate. This configuration helps in providing the system with frequent and accurate location updates, which is essential for the precise control of the implement.

What type of Tablet do I need?

The Ditch Assist App runs on Android only, so you’ll need an Android tablet. It’s designed for 10″ screens (slightly smaller (e.g. 9.6″) or bigger are fine too).

You’ll need a tablet with at least 2GB of RAM memory, and it must have a recent version of Android.

We do most of our testing on the Samsung tablets so can suggest these as good options. We suggest you contact us or one of our dealers to confirm the best locally available tablet option for you before purchasing one as some work better than others. Many of our dealers also bundle tablets with Ditch Assist.

What type of hydraulics does Ditch Assist work with?

Ditch Assist is compatible with both open and closed center hydraulic systems. Our PWM valve offers a simple adjustment to switch between the two. By default your valve will be set for closed center.

What equipment can I use Ditch Assist with?

Ditch Assist will operate virtually all equipment provided its cutting height is controlled via a single hydraulic circuit. Our PWM valve has been designed to work with a variety of flow rates, and within the app you can tweak the minimum and maximum duty cycle settings to fine tune the response for different equipment.

Do I need the PWM Valve?

If you plan to use Ditch Assist for automated grade control then you will need the PWM valve. Our valve is custom designed for Ditch Assist, and other valves won’t work well (and are not supported). If you only want visual guidance via the tablet screen then you can manually operate your equipment without needing the valve – ask about our Guidance Only Kit.

Can I use my iPad with Ditch Assist?

The Ditch Assist app is Android-only, and it is not possible to use an iPad with Ditch Assist.

Revolutionize Your Earthworks with Ditch Assist: The Ultimate Machine Control System for Precision and Versatility

Ditch Assist: Your Secret Weapon for Perfect Drainage and Level Fields

Ditch Assist is like having your own earthworks expert right alongside you. It helps you tackle drainage, land leveling, and more – all with incredible precision and unmatched cost-effectiveness.

Goodbye, Pricey Gear

No more complex or expensive displays. Ditch Assist works with a simple Android tablet, meaning easy updates and control right at your fingertips. Think of all the time and money you’ll save!

Adapts to Your Machines

Got an older tractor and a mix of implements? Ditch Assist is the system for you. Our clever valve tech lets it work seamlessly on just about anything – no restrictions. Move it between machines with ease and keep getting the job done.

Perfect Drainage Made Easy (and Customizable!)

Say goodbye to guesswork – Ditch Assist’s Slope-IQ technology lets you design your perfect draining solution right from the tractor seat. Need more control? Our new Slope-IQ Design Customizer means you can tweak ditches, slopes, and more however you need.

Land Leveling? We’ve Got You Covered

Ditch Assist makes land leveling a breeze. Import complex designs from the software you already know or keep it simple with on-the-go grading. The choice is yours! Plus, if you’ve got an excavator, Ditch Assist X adds precision bucket tracking for those trickier jobs.

Plus, Extras That Make a Difference

    • Ideal Drainage Mapping: This valuable tool (a $750+ value) helps plan the most efficient drainage routes. Just for Ditch Assist owners!
    • Use Your Own Maps: Upload images or maps to help guide your work. No other system makes this so easy.
    • Test Drive It Yourself: Try the interactive app simulation for a sneak peek at just how simple Ditch Assist really is.

Value You Can’t Ignore

Forget those pricey land leveling systems! Ditch Assist does the same job, often even better, and for a fraction of the cost. It’s a no-brainer.

We’re Here to Help

Our expert dealers know their stuff. Get personalized support, guidance, and the perfect quote from the team that puts you first.

Ditch Assist is about more than just fancy tech. It’s about giving you the tools to master your land with confidence and ease, without breaking the bank.

Ready to see what Ditch Assist can do for you? Get in touch for your personalized quote today and experience the difference yourself!