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App Releases

Below you will find links to the current, beta, and historical .apk files for the Ditch Assist app. The current relase is always available via the Play Store. In the event you are having issues with the latest release, we suggest uninstall it it and installing one of the prior releases.

While we try to fully test releases before roll-out, sometimes we only find out there are issues when the general user base begins to use them. Different devices, different versions of Android, and in some cases different use patterns may result in issues for some users. Once we are aware of any issues we will work to fix them as quickly as possible. Please report any issues to your dealer so they can take the required details and pass them to our development team.

To install an app version from this page, navigate to the page on your Android device and download the app onto it. You may need change your settings to allow installation of 3rd party apps – if in doubt, this page has a great overview of how to do it.

Make sure to uninstall existing version before installing a different version

Current Play Store Release

Version: 4.21

Notes: Features custom design functionality to modify the design in Slope IQ and some updates to data storage location*


Long Term Stable Release

Version: 4.17

Notes: We recommend installing this version if the latest release causes issues


Legacy Device Release

Version: 4.12.3

Notes: Recommended for older devices running older Android versions


Beta Release

Version: 4.22.4

Notes: Testing new GPS elevation benchmarking when implementing XYZ land level design


* In the latest updates to Android Google has changed the way we are allowed to write data (such as survey and ditching log files) to the device storage, and this has resulted in some users experiencing crashes as the app is unable to write data even though the required permissions are granted the first time the app is run. From version 4.20.5 we have switched to writing data to the following location:


This location can’t usually be read by the standard file manager installed on your device. To access the files here, install a 3rd party file manager app such as Cx File Explorer.