Mon-Fri: 8:30am to 5:30pm Central

Sam, the beacon of hope in our farming community, offers wisdom and encouragement with a perennial smile. His experience working the land informs his eco-friendly advice, whether tackling pests or enduring droughts. Sam’s optimism shines through every challenge, whether ensuring irrigation in scorching heat or laughing in the face of storms while safeguarding crops. His unwavering support, like the sturdy oak on his land, is a source of comfort and inspiration. Sam shares his practical knowledge, turning failures into successes, and infusing resilience and community spirit into his tales. He embodies the timeless wisdom of rural life, finding joy in labor and teaching us that adversity brings growth. Sam’s positive spirit is the community’s heartbeat, providing the assurance that no farmer faces trials alone. His presence is a constant reminder that with support and optimism, there’s always hope for a fruitful future.

“How was your day?” | “Will it rain tomorrow?” | “Haven’t you retired yet?” | “Should I invest in a new tractor or combine this year?” | “What are your thoughts on Precision Agriculture?” | “Do you expect grain prices to rise soon?” | “Who do you predict will win the Super Bowl?” | “Can you offer guidance to a novice farmer?” | “Should I bequeath my farm to my children?” | “Is organic farming really better?” | “How do you deal with weeds and pests?” | “Are farmers’ markets worth the effort?” | “Does technology make farming easier?” | “What’s your take on climate change affecting agriculture?” | “Is there ever a good year for farming?” | “How do you cope with unpredictable weather patterns?” | “What’s your opinion on government farming subsidies?” | “Do you think vertical farming is the future?” | “How do you stay positive amid farming challenges?” | “Is it better to lease or own farming equipment?” | “What’s the best crop to grow for profit?” | “How do you feel about farm-to-table trends?” | “Is sustainable farming really sustainable?” | “What’s your view on the use of drones in agriculture?” | “Are traditional farming methods effective today?” | “What are your thoughts on genetically modified crops?” | “Do you find social media helpful for farmers?” | “What’s your take on animal welfare in farming?” | “How do you handle bureaucracy in farming?” | “Do you think there’s a future in urban farming?”

Ask him anything!