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Ditch Assist Overview

Congratulations and thank you. We are excited to have you on-board as a Ditch Assist owner!

Welcome to the Ditch Assist User Manual

Ditch Assist is your ultimate solution to modern machine control. This state-of-the-art automatic machine control system is specifically designed to transform operations in surface drainage, land leveling, land forming, and simple tile drainage installation. With a focus on user-friendly automation, Ditch Assist expertly manages the raise and lower hydraulics on a variety of machines such as scrapers, ditchers, land levelers, and blades, among others.

Utilize the power of wireless technology with the Ditch Assist Android App. Operate the system remotely through a user-friendly interface on a standard 10″ Android tablet, making the execution of your tasks as convenient as possible.

Ditch Assist takes versatility to a new level with our Universal Grade Control. This unique feature, facilitated by a custom-designed PWM valve, ensures precise control of any implement, irrespective of the age, make, or model of your tractor.

Packed with advanced features, Ditch Assist is future-ready. Our system facilitates fully customizable ditch, tile, and plane designs via Slope-IQ, and supports the import of land forming designs, thereby granting you complete control over your projects.

The Ditch Assist system effortlessly integrates with any tractor, regardless of its age, make, or model. With no need for CAN or ISO, it supports any implement including scrapers, ditchers, blades, and levelers. Furthermore, Ditch Assist is GPS-ready and works with any brand, making use of a low-cost RTK or your existing RTK.

Whether you’re creating surface drains, leveling land, or installing tile drainage, Ditch Assist offers seamless, fully automated grade control through our PWM valve, with the option of manual operation using a guidance-only kit.

With the innovative Slope-IQ Design Customizer, Ditch Assist lets you personalize the system to suit your specific needs. Add to this the capacity to implement complex land leveling designs using advanced 3D designs in XYZ text format from service providers such as OptiSurface, AgForm3D, and Ezigrade, Ditch Assist truly stands at the forefront of advanced earthworks solutions.

In essence, Ditch Assist provides a comprehensive, user-friendly, and cost-effective automatic machine control system. As you delve into this user manual, you will discover how to leverage the full potential of Ditch Assist to revolutionize your operations and boost efficiency on your farm.

Let’s begin this exciting journey to better water management, seamless land forming, and optimal farming operations with Ditch Assist.