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Ditch Assist Automated Machine Control

Simple. Affordable. Grade Control™

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Advanced Functionality. Simple to Use. Stay on Grade!

Ditch Assist is your go-to for automated machine control, providing effective solutions for ditching, land leveling, 3D land forming, and straightforward tiling tasks.

For projects requiring more precise excavation work, Ditch Assist X ensures you stay on grade when operating backhoes and excavators.

For Surface Drainage & Land Leveling

On-Grade Guidance for Excavators

Why Choose Ditch Assist?

Proven Reliability. Unmatched Expertise.

Don’t gamble on inferior imitations when drainage failures cost you time and money. Developed by the experts at Northern Plains Drainage Systems, Ditch Assist delivers reliable, field-tested performance since 2014. We’ve combined years of hands-on experience with input directly from farmers and contractors to create a truly effective drainage solution.

Get the job done right – with expert support at every turn. Ditch Assist gives you the essential features and cutting-edge technology you need, backed by the industry’s most knowledgeable dealers.

Key Benefits:

  • Reliable, field-proven performance
  • Designed by drainage experts with real-world experience
  • Ongoing innovation and improvements since 2014
  • Unmatched dealer support and product knowledge


Android Based

All Ditch Assist versions run via our free Android App – no expensive computers or displays needed, saving you money and simplifying your setup. App updates are simple, with no need for firmware downloads and USB sticks.

GPS Compatability

Ditch Assist takes the complexity out of GPS compatibility. Whether you’re using your existing RTK, upgrading, or exploring affordable solutions like Emlid Reach RS2, setup is quick and painless.

Wireless Advantage

Get up and running faster with Ditch Assist’s unique wireless setup, an industry first. Wi-Fi communication simplifies installation and allows you to quickly move the system between equipment, saving you time and hassle.

Any Machine, Any Job

Your current equipment is perfect for Ditch Assist. Maximize the value of your existing machinery, regardless of brand or age, and get precise control over various earth-moving implements. Need even more versatility? Ditch Assist X puts the same power in your excavator or backhoe.

Which version do you need?

The Ditch Assist brand includes the original Ditch Assist as well as the Ditch Assist X.

For Scrapers, Rotary Ditchers, Land Levelers, Blades, Pulldozers, and Tile Plows, start with Ditch Assist:

Ditch Assist Grade Control

Simple. Affordable. Grade Control

Any tractor. Any Implement. Any GPS. Operate via our simple Android App

For Excavators, Backhoes, and Mini Hoes just add Ditch Assist X:

Ditch Assist X

No More Lasers

Work faster and more accurately with accurate height guidance at any digging angle on any machine

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Ditch Assist is thrilled to announce our continued partnership with Eric Guyot Racing for the 2024 season in the exhilarating Western Renegade Non-Wing Sprintcar Series. Just as Ditch Assist leads the way in innovative agricultural land management and drainage solutions, Eric showcases unmatched skill and determination on the racetrack. This partnership underscores our shared commitment to excellence, precision, and pushing the boundaries of performance. Join us in cheering on Eric as we race towards another thrilling season, demonstrating the power of innovation both on the field and on the track. Stay tuned for an action-packed year with Ditch Assist and Eric Guyot Racing at the forefront of speed and technology!

Revolutionize Your Operations with Ditch Assist: The Game-Changing Drainage Solution

Attention farmers, contractors, and construction professionals! Are you tired of struggling with inefficient drainage and grade control solutions that cost you valuable time and money? Look no further than Ditch Assist – the game-changing technology that simplifies your life and maximizes your productivity. Let’s explore how Ditch Assist can revolutionize your farming and construction operations, providing you with unparalleled convenience, reliability, and precision.

Developed by the experts at Northern Plains Drainage Systems, the Ditch Assist brand consists of two distinct but complementary products: Ditch Assist, our revolutionary machine control system for scrapers, land levelers, and ditchers; and Ditch Assist X, an add-on system that extends Ditch Assist’s capabilities to excavators and backhoes, allowing you to verify grade in real-time as you work. Let’s dive in and discover the power of Ditch Assist.

Ditch Assist is your ultimate ally in tackling a wide range of drainage tasks. Whether you need to create ditches, level fields, shape land, or install tile drainage, Ditch Assist has you covered. This innovative system replaces cumbersome and expensive laser setups, giving you the freedom to work smarter, not harder. Built on value and functionality, Ditch Assist provides high-end features at a price point other systems can’t match.

With Ditch Assist, you can effortlessly create field surface drains, level fields with precision, create single or multi-plane slopes, and streamline basic tile drainage installations. Say goodbye to the headaches of complex setups and hello to a new era of efficiency.

One of the standout features of Ditch Assist is its incredible versatility. No matter what tractor, implement, or GPS system you’re using, Ditch Assist seamlessly integrates with your existing equipment, allowing you to maximize the value of your current machinery, regardless of brand or age. Compatible with a wide range of implements, including scrapers, rotary ditchers, land levelers, blades, pulldozers, and tile plows, Ditch Assist makes switching between implements a breeze, enabling you to adapt to any job with ease. No other system offers this level of flexibility.

For those who require even more precision and versatility, Ditch Assist X is the perfect upgrade. This powerful addition to the Ditch Assist family brings unparalleled accuracy to your excavator or backhoe operations. With Ditch Assist X, you can tackle complex grading tasks with confidence, knowing that you have precise guidance at your bucket edge. Say goodbye to downtime due to laser setups or limitations on boom and bucket angles. Ditch Assist X empowers you to work faster and more accurately than ever before.

Ditch Assist X is an exceptional value for excavator operators, particularly those in construction and infrastructure who require precise grade control. The combination of the Ditch Assist guidance kit and the Ditch Assist X kit provides a cost-effective solution that delivers significant benefits and performance advantages. Furthermore, Ditch Assist X is an excellent supplementary option for farmers and agricultural drainage contractors who primarily use Ditch Assist on their scrapers or other equipment. By easily transferring the system to their excavator and utilizing the Ditch Assist X add-on, they can expand their capabilities and maximize the value of their investment, gaining additional functionality without the need for substantial extra expenditure.

All Ditch Assist setups feature unmatched wireless convenience. Ditch Assist takes convenience to the next level with its unique wireless setup – an industry first. Wi-Fi communication simplifies installation and allows you to quickly move the system between equipment, saving you valuable time and hassle. Imagine the freedom of being able to easily switch between tractors or excavators without the need for additional hardware. With Ditch Assist, that freedom is yours.

Ditch Assist revolutionizes the industry by being the first and only reputable system to break free from the constraints of bundled displays. We’ve embraced the power and flexibility of Android technology to bring you an unparalleled user experience. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of proprietary computers or displays. With Ditch Assist, all you need is our free Android app and a 10-inch tablet to unlock a world of possibilities. Our intuitive interface makes operation a breeze, allowing you to focus on what matters most – getting the job done efficiently and accurately.

Updating your Ditch Assist system is equally simple. No more fussing with firmware downloads or USB sticks. Our app updates seamlessly, ensuring that you always have access to the latest features and improvements without any interruption to your workflow. By harnessing the potential of Android simplicity, Ditch Assist not only saves you money but also streamlines your entire operation. With fewer components to worry about and a more user-friendly interface, you can dedicate your energy to the task at hand, confident that Ditch Assist is working hard behind the scenes to optimize your performance.

When you choose Ditch Assist, you’re not just getting a product – you’re gaining access to unmatched expertise and support. Developed by the experts at Northern Plains Drainage Systems, Ditch Assist is backed by years of hands-on experience and input from farmers and contractors like you. Our knowledgeable dealers, the best in the industry, are always ready to provide guidance and support, ensuring that you get the most out of your Ditch Assist system. With Ditch Assist, you’re never alone in your drainage endeavors.